Brigitte Jellinek

I guide the next generation of geeks
on their way to becoming professional web developers.

I am a senior lecturer at salzburg university of applied sciences. I teach web development (Javscript, Ruby on Rails, Postgres, git, Test Driven Development) hire external lecturers and develop the curriculum.

I am always looking for Lecturers and Students and right now even for someone to join the faculty!

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MultiMediaTechnology is a Bachelor and Masters program that I co-created.

I'm very proud of the fact that we use current technologies to teach the important concepts of CS. In my department - web & mobile development - we use Ruby on Rails, git, scrum, test driven development and a lot of JavaScript.

You can read more about the program in our blog, see the students work in our portfolio, or be a part of it once a semester at our barcamp 'the next web'.

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Open Source, Creative Commons, ...

Like everybody, I profit from the open source movement: I use Linux and Apache, Ruby and Perl, Wikipedia and Open Street Maps daily.

I try to contribution to the commons: as an author on wikipedia, open street map, and by publishing my teaching materials under a creative commons license.

My german language textbook on web development, covering HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP is almost done. You can fork it on github. The same goes for my notes on git, Ruby on Rails and TDD. Those are in english.

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Women in Technology

I'm a woman in computer science, I enjoy it very much, I try to encourage other women to enter this field.

Whenever I get a chance I volounteer at Rails Bridge, Rails Girls and simliar events that offer a low-barrier-of-entry setting.

Since 1999 I'm a participant of informatica feminale, a summer university for women in computer science held annually at Bremen University.

In 2002 we founded a similar summer university in Salzburg: ditact. Here I am a lecturer, a member of the board, and the programmer of the web-application (in ruby on rails).

For more projects of this kind see the Geek Feminism Wiki.

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I'm an amateur singer in a big choir: Mozartchor Salzburg We are about 70 singers, we sing big classical pieces about twice a year: Carmina Burana, Mozarts Requiem, Brahms's Requiem, ... Of course I run the homepage.

During my year in New York I was a member of NYUs Women's Choir led by the wonderful Prof. Wright.


HOSI is Salzburgs LGBT non-profit association. When it comes to LGBT rights and public acceptance Austria is lagging behind the rest of the EU.

I used to serve on the council of the association and do technical work on the homepage, but I'm not active now.


Division of labour is a great invention. I'm not a designer, but some of my best friends are ;-)

This webdesign is a (simplified) fork of Alexander Kohlhofers design from around 2008.

The patterns are css-doodles.

Get in touch

Work Email: brigitte.jellinek at
Private Email: brigitte.jellinek at
Address: FH Salzburg, Puch Urstein